Company Profile

Company name Nissin Electronics Co., Ltd.
Establishment April 6, 1944
Headquarters Japan
President Kohei Noda
Capital 30 million yen
Number of employees 161(as of 2021)
Businesses Production and sale of Industrial Inspection Device
・Metal detection systems
・Needle detectors
・Pinhole checkers
・X-ray inspection system
・Optical image inspection equipment


DEC 26th, 1951 The company established "NISSIN RADIO Co.,Ltd."
OCT 1955 Technical cooperation with "HANS BAECKELS" (German Company)
JAN 1963 Changed Company Name to "NISSIN ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd."
DEC 1994 Hachioji Factory completed.
AUG 2000 Acquired certification ISO9001
APR 2006 Opened Hakodate Factory.
OCT 2013 Entered ISHIDA group.
MAY 2020 Relocated Hachioji Factory.
APR 2021 Relocated Head Office to Hachioji Factory.

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